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Metal festivals you shouldn’t miss in 2024!

March 8, 2024

Get Ready for These Metal Festivals in 2024!

Attention to all metalheads!
The year 2024 has some of the best metal festivals in store for you. From brute sounds to unforgettable live performances.

Here are our Top Metal Festivals, you Should Not Miss:

Wacken Open Air (W:O:A)
The Wacken Open Air (W:O:A) is the most famous heavy metal festival in Germany and has been attracting thousands of metal fans from all over the world every year since 1980 transforming the idyllic village of Wacken into the Mecca of the metal music for four days. Alongside the electrifying live performances across eight stages, other highlights include metal karaoke, metal yoga and a fire show.

Time: 31.07.24 – 03.08.24
Location: Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein
Price: 333,- EUR
Size: approx. 85,000 visitors

Rock am Ring
Originally launched in 1985, the Rock am Ring festival has developed into one of the biggest and most popular rock festivals in Europe. With three stages and more than seventy bands, Rock am Ring is known for its large number of national and international live acts, dynamic tunes and the variety of genres represented, from rock to metal to electronic music.

Time: 07.06.24 – 09.06.24
Location: Nürburgring, Rhineland-Palatinate
Price: 199,- EUR
Size: approx. 75,000 visitors

Rock im Park
The twin festival to Rock am Ring is also one of the biggest rock festivals in Europe and offers an impressive selection of live bands. With three stages, diverse line-ups of over 45 artists and an enthusiastic fan base, Rock im Park creates a welcoming atmosphere for all music lovers.

Time: 07.06.24 – 09.06.24
Location: Nuremberg, Bavaria
Price: 249,- EUR
Size: approx. 75,000 visitors

Summer Breeze Open Air
Summer Breeze Open Air has been one of the most important metal festivals in Germany since 1997. This Open-Air festival offers metal lovers a wide range of subgenres, including death, black, thrash metal and metalcore. As the largest metal festival in southern Germany, the Summer Breeze nevertheless conveys a sense of community. The family atmosphere and the historical charm of Dinkelsbühl make the festival a special experience.

Time: 14.08.24 – 17.08.24
Location: Dinkelsbühl, Bavaria
Price: 215,99 EUR
Size: approx. 45,000 visitors

The ROCKHARZ Festival is a popular event for metal and rock lovers and is known for its variety of metal genres, including death metal, black metal and power metal. The event showcases well-known national and international bands who will perform life on two stages for you. In addition to the music, the Rockharz Festival also features medieval market stalls, horror exhibitions and metal parties.

Time: 03.07.24 – 06.07.24
Location: Ballenstadt/Harz, Saxony-Anhalt
Price: 169,80 EUR (requested)
Size: approx. 24,000 visitors

Full Force
In addition to the impressive backdrop of old bucket-wheel excavators, the Full Force festival offers live acts on four stages: metal, hardcore, punk and rock will delight the heart of every metal fan. Full Fore offers an exciting blend of top-tier headliners and emerging artists from all over the world. You also will have an opportunity to enjoy a flunky ball tournament, different workshops, yoga sessions and relaxation on the beach.

Time: 21.06.24 – 23.06.24
Location: Ferropolis, Gräfenhainichen
Price: 149,95 EUR
Size: approx. 20,000 visitors

Reload Festival
The Reload Festival is considered as an absolute highlight for metal fans. Metal lovers can expect not only big national and internation names, but also an atmosphere bursting with energy. Between the gigs, you can browse through merchandise stands, enjoy culinary delights and immerse yourself in a world created for true metal enthusiasts.

Time: 15.08.24 – 17.08.24
Location: Sullingen, Lower Saxony
Price: 179,- EUR
Size: approx. 14.500 visitors

Elbriot Festival
The Elbriot Festival returns to the Grossmarkt in 2024 and attracts visitors from all over Germany to Hamburg with its wide range of metal and rock acts. Besides international and national artists, up-and-coming artists are also offered a stage. Energetic live performances create an intense atmosphere for fans of harder music genres.

Time: 10.08.24
Location: Hamburg
Price: 89.90 EUR
Size: approx. 12,000 visitors

Party.San Open Air
Since its foundation in 1996, Party.San Open Air has developed into one of the most important events for fans of extreme metal genres such as death metal and black metal. By focusing on underground bands, authentic and non-commercial music, it offers metal lovers a unique experience that is rounded off by the strong community and intense atmosphere.

Time: 08.08.24 – 10.08.24
Location: Schlotheim, Thuringia
Price: 135,70 EUR
Size: approx. 10,000 visitors

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