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What makes XOUNTS different?

XOUNTS is a unique combination of wireless sound, ambient light, and beautiful design, making it a better speaker choice for practically any space. It delivers a perfect synthesis of lively, room-filling 360° sound, atmospheric light, and the ability to express yourself with interchangeable style covers– with its unique obelisk-style shape that will be sure to get attention no matter where you put it.

What makes it sound different?

Using patented flat panel speaker technology, XOUNTS emits sound with its entire surface and in all directions, not unlike a grand piano’s sounding board, and provides a truly unique listening experience. Combine this with the full-sized sub-woofer, and XOUNTS has an unparalleled ability to fill your space with sound. You’ll have to hear it to believe it!

What does XOUNTS connect to?

It’s easy to use XOUNTS on any device with wireless Bluetooth. Mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and computers with Bluetooth are all a snap. It’s also easy to attach a standard audio cable for devices that don’t have Bluetooth. Additionally, XOUNTS makes it possible to integrate your Apple AirPlay or different wireless modules directly in its housing. Zero cable tangle. Full sound.

Does XOUNTS also work with Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player, iTunes or similar music providers?

Yes. Anything you can play with your mobile device can be amplified with XOUNTS!

Can it integrate with my current stereo setup?

Yes! You can use the AUX IN / AUX OUT jack to incorporate it in any setup you can dream up. With AUX OUT you can even make XOUNTS your wireless streamer, so what you’re playing on your device can easily be played through XOUNTS and through your stereo! (*may require additional adaptors)

Does it work with my smartphone?

Yes, you can easily stream music wirelessly to your XOUNTS with Bluetooth.

Can I link my XOUNTS to my TV?

Great idea! XOUNTS is the quickest and easiest way to make your TV area a home theatre. Use the AUX IN jack on the XOUNTS unit, or the Bluetooth functionality of your TV for wireless connection.

Do I need to use Bluetooth to use XOUNTS?

No! Your XOUNTS offers line-in connection. If you want to keep things wireless, you can also use USB audio dongles for your USB or audio output (2 x RCA or 3,5 mm jack plug). These dongles help to connect your XOUNTS wirelessly with your devices (sold separately).

Can I use more than 1 XOUNTS for bigger spaces?

Yes! With our optional multiroom modules you can connect up to eight XOUNTS units with each other in different rooms. See it here.

Is it safe to use XOUNTS outdoors?

Yes! You can easily transport your XOUNTS outdoors with the XOUNTS To-Go Wheel Trolley. Get one here!

How much power does XOUNTS have?

Your XOUNTS generates a powerful 80 watts of amplification. 40 watts of power come from the flat panel speakers and 40 watts from the subwoofer.

How do I control volume and sound on the XOUNTS?

If you use your XOUNTS wirelessly, e.g. via Bluetooth or Apple AirPlay, you can adjust volume and sound with your smartphone. On the base of your XOUNTS there is also a volume control as well as a bass control to directly adjust low frequencies.

Can I use XOUNTS with voice control?

Sure, of course! We have developed a special top case where you can integrate the Echo Dot module with your XOUNTS for ultimate control from anywhere in the room!

Where is the speaker on XOUNTS?

XOUNTS is constructed with 3 speakers: dual flat panel speakers on the sides, and a 6.5” subwoofer on the base of the unit. Designed with the same principal as a grand piano’s sounding board, the 2 flat panel speakers offer rich mid-level frequencies and shimmering highs in two directions for a unique room-filling stereo sound. The full-sized subwoofer offers what is lacking in most small Bluetooth speakers: the bass!

What size of room is XOUNTS capable of filling up?

XOUNTS is capable of filling most any residential room with 360-degree sound. Only in rooms and halls larger than 150 square feet will an additional XOUNTS unit be a good idea.

Do I need two XOUNTS for stereo sound?

No! XOUNTS does things a little differently. Using patented flat panel speaker technology, your XOUNTS emits every component of a stereo signal and fills your room with 360-degree sound. For that reason, you don‘t need a second XOUNTS for stereo, although having another one definitely is a statement!

Can I connect two XOUNTS units as stereo loudspeakers?

XOUNTS was designed around the idea that a single unit offers the stereo experience; still, you can create a more dramatic stereo effect if you want by splitting the stereo signal with a Y-cable and routing the two individual channels to a separate Xounts unit.

Do I need to keep a certain distance to walls when placing my XOUNTS?

Your XOUNTS emits its sound equally in every direction, thus there are no specific requirements for its position. It is completely up to you: Place your XOUNTS where it looks and sounds best.

Do I need a wireless remote-control app or an extra remote control for XOUNTS?

Your XOUNTS is as easy as it is stylish: You can simply control it with your smartphone via Bluetooth/Apple AirPlay and thus don’t need an extra App or remote control.

How bright is XOUNTS light?

XOUNTS produces atmospheric light that gives muted ambiance to any environment.

Can I use the light separately, without music?

XOUNTS fills your room with great atmospheric light – even if you don’t want to listen to music. The switches for music and light are separate.

Can I use different colored illuminants for my XOUNTS?

Of course! As standard, your XOUNTS is equipped with a warm-white LED bulb to highlight your design perfectly. Additionally, we offer a LED Wifi bulb for multicolor light shows! You can choose from 2 million colors and control the lightening and coloring easily via the XOUNTS App! Any other standard bulb is also possible. We recommend only energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Can I integrate my XOUNTS into my existing home lighting system with LIFX or Philips HUE?

No problem at all. Just replace our standard warm-white LED bulb with your LIFX or Philips HUE and get started.

Do I need an additional app to control the light of my XOUNTS?

No, you don’t need an extra App for our standard LED bulb, which is easily switched on and off directly at your XOUNTS unit. However, our optional multicolor LED WiFi bulb is controlled using our XOUNTS App, so you can easily control your personal multicolor light show from everywhere you want in the room!

What are the covers?

The style covers XOUNTS comes with are unique shells for your XOUNTS unit. They’re tailor-made to fit using specially designed paper fibers (Signature Series) or high-quality fleece (Special Editions). Each style cover is handmade with love and precision in Germany. With style covers, you can change the design of your XOUNTS unit quickly and easily.

How many style covers are available?

XOUNTS offers you numerous design varieties. Shop them all here!

Does the style cover harm the sound?

On the contrary, XOUNTS style covers were specially designed to be used with the unit, allowing the sound to pass through the covers in the right way.

Can I order my own styles, and is there a minimum order?

Yes, you can design your own! And unbelievably, there’s no minimum order. That’s because we produce each and every cover by hand.

How do I order a custom cover?

Whether you want to get a message out there for your business, or just perfectly match your room’s décor, making your own custom XOUNTS cover is a snap. Simply take a picture of your selected theme with your cell phone and send it to us via email to Our graphic designers will use it to develop your individual style cover.

Do I receive a proof before the piece is produced?

Our design team will check the file to make sure that it will print correctly before production. If there are any issues, we’ll reach out to you to ensure a quality print.

How do I track my order?

You will receive your tracking code via email.

I need to contact someone about my order.

Reach out to us any time!

Your email will be responded to right away:

Need to reach out by phone? Call our order department here. +1-951-337-4066

Can I refund a purchase?

Please view our refund policy and procedures here.

How long is the processing period?

Order processing times are 1~2 business days after the day you placed your order. Most packages are prepared within 24 hours, but if our warehouse is exceptionally backed up processing times may go up to 2 business days following the day you placed your order. If your order has been processing for more than 7 business days, please contact us and we’ll help you out. Our warehouse processes and ships out all orders Mondays-Fridays (excluding major holidays). After placing your order, your package should be shipped out within 1~2 business days after your order is placed and you will receive an email with the tracking number soon after. UPS is our primary carrier for U.S customers. Depending on where you live, packages are delivered within 3~8 days from the date of shipment.

Will my order come in one package?

Depending on the size of your order you may receive separate packages that may possibly arrive 1~4 business days apart.

Address Changes

Our warehouse staffs are super quick, so if you notice an error please email us ASAP with your name and order number so we can try to catch your package before it departs. There’s no guarantee we can change it, especially once it leaves our warehouse, but we’ll do everything we can!

What kind of warranty do you offer for XOUNTS?

XOUNTS comes with a three-year warranty against defects. We take quality very seriously and typically report less that 2% complaints on our products. Quality and perfection is our passion!

Is there a warranty for freight damages?

Yes! We’ll take care of freight damages that occur during shipping.

Is XOUNTS Made in Germany?

The XOUNTS idea, knowledge, design, and our team are originally from Hamburg, Germany. Even the individual XOUNTS style covers are produced in a small factory in Germany. However, the production of the actual XOUNTS body with all its technical items takes place in Asia. We regularly visit our production partners there and are convinced of their advanced technical understanding.


Are you using sustainable or recyclable materials?

XOUNTS is committed to doing our part to offer a sustainable product. All our products meet the RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive). The plastic in your Xounts unit contains 10 percent recycled materials. For the housing, we use ABS plastics, which are recyclable. The inner electronics of your Xounts unit, such as the circuit boards and components, can be recycled at any electronics recycling location. The packaging materials are recyclable paper, and the foam buffers are EPE, which can also be re-melted and reused at plastics recycling facilities. Check with your local waste management facility to learn your local recycling regulations.

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