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What makes Xounts different?

Xounts is a unique combination of wireless sound, ambient light, and beautiful design, making it a better speaker choice for practically any space. It delivers a perfect synthesis of lively, room-filling 360° sound, atmospheric light, and the ability to express yourself with interchangeable style covers– with its unique obelisk-style shape that will be sure to get attention no matter where you put it.

What makes it sound different?

Using patented flat panel speaker technology, Xounts emits sound with its entire surface and in all directions, not unlike a grand piano’s sounding board, and provides a truly unique listening experience. Combine this with the full-sized sub-woofer, and Xounts has an unparalleled ability to fill your space with sound. You’ll have to hear it to believe it!

What does Xounts connect to?

It’s easy to use Xounts on any device with wireless Bluetooth. Mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and computers with Bluetooth are all a snap. It’s also easy to attach a standard audio cable for devices that don’t have Bluetooth. Additionally, Xounts makes it possible to integrate your Apple AirPlay or different wireless modules directly in its housing. Zero cable tangle. Full sound.

Does Xounts also work with Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player, iTunes or similar music providers?

Yes. Anything you can play with your mobile device can be amplified with Xounts!

Can it integrate with my current stereo setup?

Yes! You can use the AUX IN / AUX OUT jack to incorporate it in any setup you can dream up. With AUX OUT you can even make Xounts your wireless streamer, so what you’re playing on your device can easily be played through Xounts and through your stereo!

(*may require additional adaptors)

Does it work with my smartphone?

Yes, you can easily stream music wirelessly to your Xounts with Bluetooth.

Can I link my Xounts to my TV?

Great idea! Xounts is the quickest and easiest way to make your TV area a home theatre. Use the AUX IN jack on the Xounts unit, or the Bluetooth functionality of your TV for wireless connection.

Do I need to use Bluetooth to use Xounts?

No! Your Xounts offers line-in connection. If you want to keep things wireless, you can also use USB audio dongles for your USB or audio output (2 x RCA or 3,5 mm jack plug). These dongles help to connect your Xounts wirelessly with your devices (sold separately).

Can I use more than 1 Xounts for bigger spaces?

Yes! With our optional multiroom modules you can connect up to eight Xounts units with each other in different rooms. See it here.

Is it safe to use Xounts outdoors?

Yes! You can easily transport your Xounts outdoors with the Xounts To-Go Wheel Trolley. Get one here!

How much power does Xounts have?

Your Xounts generates a powerful 80 watts of amplification. 40 watts of power come from the flat panel speakers and 40 watts from the subwoofer.

How do I control volume and sound on the Xounts?

If you use your Xounts wirelessly, e.g. via Bluetooth or Apple AirPlay, you can adjust volume and sound with your smartphone. On the base of your Xounts there is also a volume control as well as a bass control to directly adjust low frequencies.

Can I use Xounts with voice control?

Sure, of course! We have developed a special top case where you can integrate the Echo Dot module with your Xounts for ultimate control from anywhere in the room!

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