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Trusted and loved! Sammy Hagar and over 20.000+ people from all around the world have rated XOUNTS 5 stars


Celebrity Video-Messages

Rick Springfield

Award winning songwriter

“So on behalf of musicians and
music industry workers everywhere, thank you. God bless you.“

Kevin Cronin

Reo Speedwagon

“It’s an amazing sound system, light
system. It’s got removable skins which you can custom make any way you want to.“

Tommy Lee

Mötly Crüe

“If you get one of these XOUNTS towers, XOUNTS is going to be donating $10 of every purchase – so go freakin’ get one!“

Love from the xounts community

What our customers think about XOUNTS


Sound Experts Are Absolutely Blown Away

Paul Liebeskind

Sound Design Specialist for Spotify

“Overall it was just a thrilling feeling that sound like that could come from a speaker like this. 
It becomes part of the party… like a partygoer!”

Nikki Stringfield

Guitarist Of “The Iron Maidens”

“I got kinda like goose bumps, it made me feel like I was actually hearing live music like at an Iron Maiden show.”

Ron Shelton

Audio Engenieer

“The sound quality of the Sammy Hagar XOUNTS is unbelieveable… Being an Audio Engineer I like clean sound.”

Feedback from the AC/DC Community

"It was so loud"

Craig – One of the biggest AC/DC Fans

"I had goose pimples"

Gerry – Has an AC/DC-Cave at home

Feedback from the Iron Maiden Community

"A staple in my house"

Skum – Musician & Music Executive

"An enormous upgrade"

Ned – Music Reviewer

"Unlike any other"

Nikki – Guitarist for the Iron Maidens

Feedback from the Motörhead Community

"A thrilling feeling"

Paul – Sound Design Specialist for Spotify

"Brings back memories"

Pete – Queen Guitar Tech

"Very very powerful"

Mick – One Of The Biggest Motörhead Fans

Feedback from Sammy Hagar
& seiner Community

Eric Copeland

Sammy Hagar Fan for over 40 years

“That is the best I’ve ever had”

Sammy Hagar

The Red Rocker

“Isn’t that incredible?”

Ron Shelton

Audio Engineer

“The sound quality … is incredible”

Feedback from the Wacken Community

"A cold beer from the fridge, headbanging, and having fun"

Kristy, W:O:A Ambassador

"XOUNTS has definitely replaced our home system."

Alissa & Leah – Known as the “Dead Chicks”

"Pure Wacken feeling, it doesn't get any better."

Holger Hübner, co-founder of Wacken Open Air