A Sound System That Is Dedicated To Music

Each XOUNTS purchase provides a donation to the grammy MusiCares program

360 Sound

Surround yourself with an exceptional room filling sound 

Powerful Subwoofer
Tease your neighbours with
a powerful bass
Light Show

Fill up your room with
an amazing light show

Easy to Connect
Connect your XOUNTS
with your phone and TV

Sound Is King

XOUNTS combines the best accoustic principals
Deep Frequency

The impressive subwoofer forms the base of the XOUNTS and provides powerful bass for the low frequencies

High + Middle Frequency
Like a piano, XOUNTS uses its entire body to fill the room with impressively clear mid and high frequencies. This is how the 360° sound is created
Professional Acoustic
All combined, this patented XOUNTS system gives the extraordinary, high quality sound, turning every room into a concert

Exclusive Designs

A variety of Style Covers is waiting for you.
Tired of boring and ordinary hifi devices? Make XOUNTS THE highlight
in your living room!

See all Style Covers

Upgrade your XOUNTS

Sustainability at it’s Best

New technology can be implemented easily as every bit is exchangeable.
Open source system – connectable to nearly everything

Always up to date –
easily exchange components to integrate new technologies

Our products are made out of 100% recyclable material

The currently biggest possible amount of recycled materials are used in XOUNTS – Our goal is 100%

XOUNTS in Action

Top Musicians Collaborations

Fans say it is like your favourite band is playing live in your living room! Miss going to concerts? Just have your own!

We are extremely proud to cooperate with AC/DC, one of the most successful Rock Bands in the world!
Rock solid collaboration

Top Musicians Collaborations

We are extremely proud to cooperate with Sammy Hagar, lead singer of the most successful Rock Band in the 80’s Van Halen!

We are extremely proud to cooperate with Sammy Hagar, lead singer of the most successful Rock Band in the 80’s Van Halen!

Rock solid collaboration

XOUNTS Partnership

XOUNTS Partnership

Featuring partnership

Sammy Hagar & Tom Consolo

XOUNTS is honored to have highly influential friends turning
up the volume on the XOUNTS mission.

XOUNTS is Honored to Support MUSICARES!

MusiCares is the most important charity organization in the american music industry that helps the humans behind music because music gives so much to the world.

Did you know that $ 10 of every XOUNTS are donated to MusiCares?

On top of that, XOUNTS designed one of a kind Style Covers for legends in the music industry like Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Dolly Parton, Aerosmith, Sammy Hagar, Rick Springfield, Kevin from REO Speedwagon and Billy Idol and many more.
These signed Style Covers get auctioned off and 100% of the proceeds go to MusiCares and the music community in need!


Originally signed Style Covers auctioned off –
100% of the proceeds go to MUSICARES!


In Action

In Action

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AC/DC Edition

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