XOUNTS: Reshaping Your World Through Sound and Style

April 17, 2024

Good Sound Forms the Foundation of a Vibrant Lifestyle 

Tired of a black and uninspiring sound system dusting in the far corner of your room? Just imagine a Sound System that not only highlights all your musical preferences but also reflects your personality and seamlessly elevates your lifestyle. 

Welcome to the world of XOUNTS, where the fusion of sound and style creates an unparalleled experience.  

In an exclusive interview for FLAUNT Magazine, XOUNTS Founder, Oliver Richter, uncovers the remarkable journey of the brand, sharing the most important and amazing insights from our history, present, and giving a glimpse into what lies ahead for XOUNTS.  

Whether you’re embarking on a discovery journey or seeking to deepen your understanding of XOUNTS, we warmly invite you to read the article and explore the essence and richness of the XOUNTS world. 

Elevating Lifestyle with Immersive Sound and Style

A Sound System in an obelisk shape: unique, classy, chic, and sophisticated. It’s not just designed to impress—it’s crafted to reflect your personal lifestyle through crystal-clear 360° sound quality. 

At XOUNTS we believe that sound is more than just a fleeting moment, it is a powerful lens through which we perceive our surroundings. It shapes and resonates with our emotions and adds depth to our memories. Music elevates your everyday moments, allowing you to see the world with new eyes and hear it with fresh ears. 

FLAUNT Magazine, the influential style publication renowned for its insightful coverage of fashion, culture, and lifestyle, has chosen to feature the captivating story of XOUNTS. Recognizing it not only as a superior Sound System but also as a lifestyle centerpiece.  

For us, it was a unique event, since the acknowledgment from FLAUNT Magazine extends beyond the music community, emphasizing the versatility of XOUNTS Sound System with its immersive 360° Sound and integrated LED Light Show.  


With XOUNTS, we hope to inspire people all around the world to be passionate about everything they do – or to not do it at all.

Customization, Versatility, and Musical Connection

We share your passion for music and one of our missions is to empower you with unparalleled customization options. That’s why we’ve developed the XOUNTS Configurator, dedicated to achieving this goal. It simplifies access to endless customization possibilities, putting the power in your hands.  

Thanks to the interchangeable Style Covers, XOUNTS Sound System effortlessly adapts to any environment it enters. Whether you’re looking to enhance the ambiance of a loft in noisy New York City, create the perfect vibe for a surf party on an Australian beach, or provide extra sound at a summer party in Berlin, XOUNTS will always be by your side.   

Moreover, by selecting XOUNTS as your Sound System, you’re not just investing in superior audio quality; you’re also forging a deeper connection to the international realm of music. This connection extends beyond the unique product features and collaborations with diverse artists and includes partnerships with esteemed organizations like MusiCares.  


The German brand also dedicates portions of its artist partnership proceeds to the MusiCares Foundation.

Elevate your Lifestyle and your Ears Will Thank you! 

Every day, XOUNTS forges new exciting collaborations, explores new sound technologies, and delves into sustainability initiatives. So why settle for an ordinary sound when you can have an extraordinary sound with XOUNTS?  

Explore our collection of unique Style Covers, crafted in collaboration with iconic influencers, rockers, rappers and other Music legends like Snoop Dogg, LMFAO, Mötley Crüe, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Champ Medici, and many more.  

Elevate your XOUNTS experience with designs that reflect your individuality and musical taste. 

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