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The mission of XOUNTS is to provide music lovers with an extraordinary and more emotional way to truly enjoy music in their environment once again. As a result, the XOUNTS sound system was introduced with the goal of revolutionizing the everyday music experience for everyone.
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Two precision tweeters ensure that your entire room is flooded with music. This creates our famous 360° stereo sound that radiates in every direction. With XOUNTS, you get precise, crystal clear sound that lets you hear the instruments of your favorite music in full detail.


A bass that you feel in your heart and that releases passion. As one of our buyers said: you don’t have to hear the bass, you have to feel it.


A sound system as individual as you are! Change the design of your XOUNTS with interchangeable Style Covers according to your mood or your interior design!

connects to everything. truly everything

Bluetooth, AUX or USB, connect it with whatever you want! Whether it’s a smartphone, TV, your old record player or your existing stereo system – XOUNTS can be connected to anything thanks to the open system.

Smart Lightning 
for every mood

A stunning light show is part of the concert experience! The choice is yours: get cozy with warm light or let the LED WiFi bulb light up your room with 2 million colors.

Xounts is honored to support musicares

MusiCares helps the people behind music because music gives so much to the world. Offering preventive, emergency, and recovery programs, MusiCares is a safety net supporting the health and welfare of the music community.

XOUNTS designs unique style covers for music industry legends like Alice Cooper, Sammy Hagar, Billy Idol and many more. These signed style covers will be auctioned off and 100% of the proceeds will go to MusiCares.

XOUNTS donates $10 for every XOUNTS unit sold in the U.S. to MusiCares.

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Originally signed Style Covers auctioned off – 100% of the proceeds go to MusiCares!

What our heroes think about the mission

“100% of the proceeds of that auction will go to the MusiCares Foundation! So please join us! Become a part of the XOUNTS MusiCares team!“


Kevin Cronin

REO Speedwagon

“Me and a bunch of buddies are going to be signing these skins that are going to get auctioned off!“


Tommy Lee

Mötley Crüe

“Not only do I love this – look at it! It sounds great! But I love them for what they’re doing! MusiCares right on! We care – MusiCares!”


Sammy Hagar

The Red Rocker

“Supporting their efforts to raise funds for MusiCares Foundation which supports musicians and music industry pros with healthcare and financial assistance.“


Rick Springfield

Award Winning Songwriter

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Sold for over $20,000

In 2022, Champ Medici, aka Cordell Broadus, teamed up with XOUNTS Sound Systems to create something that had never been done before. As part of this collaboration, Snoop Dogg and his son Cordell signed a XOUNTS sound system, which sold for more than $20,000 at a MusiCares charity auction in 2023.

“100% of the proceeds will go to communities like Long Beach and Compton through MusiCares cause some of the biggest musical influences have came from those cities so we feel like its very important to invest where the talent is.”

Cordell Broadus

Champ Medici

“When I have a XOUNTS next to me … there is really nothing better than that – it just blasts.”


Rob Prior

Internationally Renowned Painter

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