Sammy Hagar – Space Bundle


360° sound and the powerful subwoofer ensure that every room is flooded with music. In addition, the Sammy Hagar Space Style Cover is the perfect match for every Sammy Hagar fan.

Speaker Starter Kit

Meet the last speaker you’ll ever buy. Comes with everything you need to fill your space with light, sound, and joy. The XOUNTS ambient speaker system combines bigger, better sound quality with a unique, stylish design that at once turns heads, while also fitting right in with any décor, and any environment.

Sammy Hagar - Space

Sammy Hagar began his career in 1973 as the lead singer of the band Montrose and became a true rock legend as a result! The supergroup Sammy Hagar & The Circle, formed in 2014 by Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Vic Johnson and Jason Bonham, released their hard rock album Space Between in May 2014. The SPACE Style cover completes the look and feel of your XOUNTS to match the legendary album!

In stock

Only limited stock available.

Shipping ready in 5-8 business days.

Only limited stock available.

Shipping ready in 5-8 business days.

  • XOUNTS Unit
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Module
  • LED Bulb
  • Pure Glow Style Cover
  • Bundle Style Cover

All our Style Covers are designed and developed in Germany and consist of a specially developed material, that is sound & light transmitting.

Steaming only! Since the Style Cover is folded for shipping, there may be slight wrinkles. Those can be easily steamed out.

Please do not wash your Style Cover. You can wipe it with a clean, damp cloth.

Free tracked shipment for orders over $807.


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