Iron Maiden – Beast Bundle


360° sound and the powerful subwoofer ensure that every room is flooded with music. In addition, the Iron Maiden Beast Style Cover is the perfect match for every Iron Maiden fan.

XOUNTS Soundsystem

Including Bluetooth module, energy-saving lamp and Pure Glow Style Cover

Iron Maiden - Beast

Our BEAST Style Cover was inspired by the third studio album "Number of the Beast" and shows the band mascot Eddie holding the devil as a puppet.

The devil in turn holds a smaller Eddie puppet. With this album Iron Maiden achieved a worldwide breakthrough and is still one of the most important albums of heavy metal. Enjoy the Iron Maiden classics with an incredibly powerful sound now on your XOUNTS!

In stock

Only limited stock available.

Shipping ready in 5-8 business days.

Only limited stock available.

Shipping ready in 5-8 business days.

  • XOUNTS Unit
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Module
  • LED Bulb
  • Pure Glow Style Cover
  • Bundle Style Cover

All our Style Covers are designed and developed in Germany and consist of a specially developed material, that is sound & light transmitting.

Steaming only! Since the Style Cover is folded for shipping, there may be slight wrinkles. Those can be easily steamed out.

Please do not wash your Style Cover. You can wipe it with a clean, damp cloth.

Free tracked shipment for orders over $807.


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