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Let Motörhead turn your living room into a live concert

30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 3 Year Warranty, Ready to ship within 48 hours, Payment Plans available


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Motörhead Edition

For Motörhead Memories

In cooperation with Motörhead we created these Style Covers to bring back memories of special Motörhead moments.

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We feel honored to be trusted and loved by the Rock Olympus!

30 Days Money Back

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Get your own XOUNTS!

Your XOUNTS package includes:

  • XOUNTS Sound System
  • Pure Glow Style Cover
  • Led Bulb
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Module
  • Licensed Band Style Cover


30 Days Money Back


Get your own XOUNTS!

Your XOUNTS package includes:

  • XOUNTS Sound System
  • Pure Glow Style Cover
  • Led Bulb
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Module
  • Licensed Band Style Cover


Pay Over Time: $117.32 per month


Sound System Innovation

Unique Flatmembrane Technology for 360° sound experience

XOUNTS is a unique combination of room filling 360° sound, atmospheric lighting, and interchangeable designs. With the patented Flatmembrane Technology XOUNTS uses its entire body like a piano to fill the room with clear, mid and high frequencies.

Combined with
bass you can feel

In combination with the powerful subwoofer, XOUNTS has the incomparable ability to fill your room with sound and offer you a unique listening experience – with just one speaker. You have to hear it to believe it!

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Sound & music lovers are impressed

Van Halen Lead Singer Sammy Hagar is amazed by the sound

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Musicares partner

Celebrity Video-Messages

“So on behalf of musicians and
music industry workers everywhere, thank you. God bless you.“

Rick Springfield

Award winning songwriter

“If you get one of these XOUNTS towers, XOUNTS is going to be donating $10 of every purchase – so go freakin’ get one!“

Tommy Lee

Mötley Crüe

“It’s an amazing soundsystem, light
system. It’s got removable skins which you can custom make any way you want to.“

Kevin Cronin

REO Speedwagon

XOUNTS Highlights

Show your passion to music

Frequently asked Questions

XOUNTS is a unique combination of wireless sound, ambient light, and beautiful design, making it the best speaker choice for practically any space. It delivers a perfect synthesis of lively, room-filling 360° sound, atmospheric light, and the ability to express yourself with interchangeable style covers. With its unique obelisk-style shape, you’re sure to get attention no matter where you put it.

Using patented flat-panel speaker technology, XOUNTS emits sound with its entire surface in all directions, not unlike a grand piano’s sounding board, and provides a truly unique listening experience. Combine this with the full-sized sub-woofer, and XOUNTS has an unparalleled ability to fill your space with sound. You’ll have to hear it to believe it!

It’s easy to use XOUNTS on any device with wireless Bluetooth. Mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and computers with Bluetooth are all a snap. It’s also simple to attach a standard audio cable for devices that don’t have Bluetooth. Additionally, XOUNTS makes it possible to integrate your Apple AirPlay or different wireless modules directly in its housing. Zero cable tangle. Full sound.

Yes. Anything you can play with your mobile device can be amplified with XOUNTS!

Yes! Besides the Bluetooth connection, you can use the AUX IN / AUX OUT jack to incorporate it in any setup you can dream up. With AUX OUT, you can even make XOUNTS your wireless streamer, so what you’re playing on your device can easily be played through XOUNTS and your stereo! (*may require additional adaptors)

Yes, you can easily stream music wirelessly to your XOUNTS with Bluetooth.

No! Your XOUNTS includes a line-in connection. If you want to keep things wireless, you can also use USB audio dongles for your USB or audio output (2 x RCA or 3,5 mm jack plug). These dongles help connect your XOUNTS wirelessly with your devices (sold separately).

Yes! With our optional multiroom modules, you can connect up to eight XOUNTS units with each other in different rooms. See it here.

Sure! XOUNTS offers you the perfect background music and atmospheric lighting for a nice barbecue with your friends. You can also easily transport your XOUNTS outdoors with the XOUNTS Wheel Trolley. Get one here!


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