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360° Sound Technology: Your Ticket to Unique Sound

March 8, 2024

Unleashing a New Level of Sound Experience

The audio entertainment industry is constantly evolving, presenting new and captivating trends that are truly transforming the space. One such trend that is gaining popularity and taking central stage is the 360° sound technology. This technology offers an immersive and captivating sound experience, bringing a new dimension to your living space. In this section, we will highlight the beauty of this technology, delve into its technical foundations, and showcase the incredible capabilities of our innovative XOUNTS Sound Systems.

360° Sound Technology

The 360° sound concept is ingrained in the unique construction of XOUNTS Sound System. This immersive sound experience is achieved by high and mid-range speakers (Exciters) attached to two out of four sound panels. In turn, the exciters “animate” the sound panels, evenly distributing sound waves across all of them. In addition, a robust subwoofer enriches the musical resonance by employing the down-firing method, delivering bass frequencies that resonate through the floor.

Advantages of 360° Sound Technology over Traditional Speakers

The primary advantage of 360° sound is its consistent audio quality, regardless of where you place it in the room or how you position yourself relative to the sound system. Traditional systems require precise alignment with the listener for optimal acoustics, as they radiate sound primarily forward. This need is eliminated with our 360° Sound Technology, as it emits sound in all directions, ensuring uniform auditory enjoyment throughout the space. Consequently, listeners do not need to carefully chose a position for their sound systems to achieve an optimal listening experience.

The Significance of Flat Membrane Technology

In contrast to conventional speakers that emit sound from the centre of their membranes, flat membrane technology evenly disperses all frequency bands across its entire surface without delays, haziness, or distortions. This principle is comparable to a drumhead: one or more exciters stimulate the membrane, causing it to resonate not as a whole but as numerous small partial vibrations. Consequently, sound localization becomes effortless for listeners, and volume diminishment is minimal even with increasing distances.

360° Sound: A Distinctive Offering

The XOUNTS Sound System presents an unparalleled musical journey characterized by exceptional sound quality and immersive clarity. With its advanced flat membrane technology and unique sound dispersion, XOUNTS provides an auditory experience that refreshes your love for music, making it feel like you are hearing your favourite songs for the first time. Explore further about the XOUNTS Sound System in our store.
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