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XOUNTS. One Team. One Mission.

March 8, 2024

Unlocking Synergies at XOUNTS

At XOUNTS, teamwork and collaboration are not just simple words, but guiding principles. In our team we cultivate an environment where ideas flow freely and projects progress seamlessly. We are confident that this is the only way to achieve our XOUNTS mission of bringing a concert-like experience to every living room.

At XOUNTS, we value the individuality of each member of our team. Do you have a great idea? We are ready to support and to implement it together in the best possible way.

The sense of cohesion and mutual understanding within the team has a direct impact on our work performance. Our projects are not just tasks, but rather creative journeys that we undertake all together. This energy is reflected in the outstanding results that we consistently achieve. Our main goal is to meet the expectations of our loyal XOUNTS enthusiasts, who number over 20,000 customers, as well as some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Let us Grow Together!

Our commitment to employee development extends far beyond hiring. Through a range of activities like webinars, diverse projects, ongoing training, and team gatherings, we not only foster skill-building but also strengthen social ties. Furthermore, you can drive your own development by setting personalized goals, which we support financially.

Does that sound interesting to you?
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