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XOUNTS Live at the MusiCares Person of the Year 2024 Gala

March 8, 2024

XOUNTS & MusiCares: A Synergy for the Music World

The affiliation between XOUNTS and MusiCares transcends mere collaboration; it is a profound bond centred around the captivating realm of music and its creators. As a distinguished manufacturer of a Bluetooth-enabled 360° sound system, XOUNTS strives not only to deliver exceptional audio quality, but also to fulfil a mission that extends beyond the confines of a typical auditory experience.
MusiCares, a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of musicians, has tirelessly worked towards their welfare for countless years. Providing not only preventive programs, but also emergency and rehabilitation assistance to artists in the music industry, MusiCares aims to honour musicians and transform their art into an unparalleled sonic journey that transports the concert atmosphere directly to your home. XOUNTS has been a steadfast supporter of this organization for numerous years and once again made its presence felt at this year’s MusiCares event in California.

XOUNTS on site at MusiCares

The MusiCares Person of the Year Gala, which celebrated Jon Bon Jovi this year, served as both a tribute to his remarkable career and a reflection of the shared values held by XOUNTS and MusiCares. We had the privilege of being present at the event and capturing some initial impressions before it commenced.

Man of the YEAR 2024 the legend Jon Bon Jovi

The night kicked off with an exceptional start as Jon Bon Jovi graced the stage, captivating the crowd with his remarkable tune, “Legendary”. However, the true astonishment occurred when he invited his longtime companion and guide, Bruce Springsteen, to join him. In unison, they delivered a heartfelt duet, combining “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” by Bon Jovi and “The Promised Land” by Springsteen. This harmonious collaboration emphasized the profound bond within the realm of rock music.

A night filled with extraordinary musical memories

In addition to a lineup that included Shania Twain and Jason Isbell, Sammy Hagar also delivered an unforgettable performance. One particular moment that touched the audience deeply was when Jon Bon Jovi took the stage once again to perform his hit song “Livin’ on a Prayer” alongside Lainey Wilson, Brandy Clark, and the entire ensemble. The hall shook with energy, revealing the profound connection between Bon Jovi’s music and his fans. The presence of celebrities like Paul McCartney and Jim Gaffigan added to the richness of the evening, providing both humorous and heartfelt moments. Overall, the MusiCares event not only celebrated a musical legend, but also showcased the unity of the music community in supporting artists in need through MusiCares. XOUNTS is proud to contribute to this important mission by auctioning off autographed sound systems from artists like Bon Jovi to benefit MusiCares. We are honored to be a part of this mission. To learn more about us and Musicares, visit XOUNTSxMUSICARES.

Exclusive XOUNTS Edition Signed by Jon Bon Jovi Now

Rock icon Jon Bon Jovi has autographed the exclusive XOUNTS Edition, making it a highly sought-after item for music enthusiasts. This unique sound system not only demonstrates Jon Bon Jovi’s dedication to the shared mission of XOUNTS and MusiCares, but also serves as a testament to his support. We are thrilled to have Jon on board and proud to have him join the ever-growing XOUNTS family. It is worth noting that Jon Bon Jovi is not the only celebrity who has backed our cause. Esteemed musicians such as Tommy Lee, Kevin Cronin, and Sammy Hagar have also endorsed the XOUNTS x MusiCares partnership by signing our exceptional sound system. To learn more, please visit our MusiCares page.

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