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United Through Music: The Eurovision Song Contest 2024

May 2, 2024

Eurovision 2024: XOUNTS Sneak Peek into the Spectacular Celebration in Malmö

68 years ago, in an effort to reunite post-war European countries through music, Marcel Bezençon, a Swiss director of the European Broadcasting Union, initiated a song competition. This unique event quickly captured millions of hearts and evolved into an annual multicultural celebration, called Eurovision. Over the years, it has launched the careers of iconic artists such as ABBA, Celine Dion, Loreen, Måneskin, Lena, and many other brilliant talents.

Get ready for the Eurovision Grand Final 2024, coming up on May 11th! Dazzling artistic performances, music, lyrics, costumes and stage production, let XOUNTS offer you a sneak peek at the main highlights to expect this year.

What to Expect at Eurovision 2024 in Malmö and What about ABBA?

After 11 years, Eurovision returns back to Sweden, in the hospitable city of Malmö. This year is set to be nothing short of spectacular, with Sweden’s production team renowned for its attention to detail and innovative staging techniques. Musical talents from 37 countries will bring their own national style and cultural influences on the stage, showcasing the rich tapestry of musical diversity.

The heart of the action will be at Malmö Arena, a venue perfectly suited for hosting such a prestigious event. The stage design with its dynamic LED elements and 360 degree experience pushes the boundaries. But the excitement doesn’t end there—Malmö itself is a city full of activities, from cozy cafes to distinctive hotels, ensuring an unforgettable experience for international visitors.

Eurovision 2024 will also host a special ABBA World exhibition, celebrating the band’s historic victory with “Waterloo” 50 years ago. It’s an absolute must-see.

And the winner is … XOUNTS Analysis of Bookmakers’ Predictions

Get ready for the big reveal! Bookmakers have crunched the numbers and unveiled the top five countries with the highest chances of winning Eurovision 2024.

Nemo – The Code | Switzerland

Switzerland is poised to captivate 26% of the audience, and it´s not a surprise. With a rich history of success in Eurovision, dating all the way back to winning the very first contest in 1956, Switzerland knows how to make an impact. “The Code” has already touched a chord with both juries and the public alike.

Baby Lasagna – Rim Tim Tagi Dim | Croatia

Going further South, Croatia and Italy are taking 2nd and 3rd place, each commanding 19% and 13% of the spotlight, respectively. Well, southern countries have long been known for their exquisite musical taste. Croatia, in particular, has a knack for delivering rich and captivating performances. With Baby Lasagna’s catchy song titled “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”, just hearing its name evokes an irresistible impulse to get up and make some moves.

Angelina Mango – La noia | Italy

Italy, reigning champions from 2021, continues to set the bar high with their consistently top-notch and widely appealing music at Eurovision. What is the secret? Probably, the perfect blend of contemporary music styles with traditional Italian chords. With “La noia,” meaning “the boredom,” Angelina`s performance promises to be anything but boring with fiery beats and iconic Italian dances.

Joost Klein – Europapa | Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for their innovative approach to music production and powerful songwriting, stand as strong contenders for claiming the top spot once more. Have you had a chance to listen to Jost Klein’s catchy tunes yet?

alyona alyona & Jerry Heil – Teresa & Maria | Ukraine

Ukraine has shown strong performances in recent years, including a win in 2016 and 2022. Ukrainian entries often carry powerful social messages and unique musical elements that stand out. Check strong voices of two Ukrainian ladies.

Experience EUROVISION like never before with XOUNTS!

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